Client Testimonials

“The appraisals arrived in today’s mail and we are thrilled with your valuations, thoroughness, and professionalism. We truly feel, after more than 45 years, we finally have insurance values based on excellent knowledge and appropriate resources. Thank you again for all your assistance in getting this accomplished in such a timely manner.” – Private collector, New Orleans, LA

“Thank you so much for your assistance. You have really helped me and clarified the mystery regarding my ancestors portrait. I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know!” – Private collector, Destin, FL

“What a beautiful presentation your appraisal of the Woodward painting is. The photographs are so good and all the information. It means a lot to me to have this. Thank you so much.” – Private collector, New Orleans, LA

     “The James L. Polk Ancestral Home is the only remaining structure, except for the White house, that James K. Polk lived in. As such, it is the main historic site for the 11th President of the United States. The Polk Home cares for a remarkable collection of over 1200 artifacts that belonged to James and Sarah Polk.
     As per the policies of the James K. Polk Home, the collections are to be appraised every 10 years for insurance purposes. In late 2000, we began “interviewing” potential appraisers for the project.
Winstead Associates were among those interviewed, and we were immediately impressed by their knowledge of the period (1800-1850). They complied with all of our initial requests such as sending resumes of all those individuals who would be involved with the appraisal and provided us with an accurate estimate of costs. They also outlined their valuation procedures and what we could expect in their final report. Winstead Associates was hired and completed the onsite appraisal in January 2001.
     During the onsite visit, Amanda Mantle Winstead spent three days examining the collection, making careful notes regarding each artifact and added any and all pertinent information from our catalog records including provenance. In April 2001, the Polk Home received the appraisal report. The Polk Home’s Board of Directors and staff were most please with the work. The report was thorough and accurate and contained fair replacement values as well as detailed descriptions and conditions of each artifact.
     We would be pleased to recommend Winstead Associates to any museum or collector of 19th century Fine and Decorative Arts.” – Thomas Price, Curator of Collections, James K. Polk Ancestral Home

     “In 2003, Louisiana State University Museum of Art contracted Neal Auction Company of New Orleans, LA, to appraise about 2,600 of 3,500 objects in the permanent collection, which comprises both fine and decorative arts. Amanda Mantle Winstead, who was Director of Consignments & Appraisals at Neal Auction Company, worked closely with the museum on this project from January through August 2003.
     Ms. Winstead was the museum’s initial contact with Neal Auction Company. She made a site visit to view the scope of the project and to make a preliminary review of our records. She converted a truncated version of our collection database for use in her own record keeping.
     Ms. Winstead appraised items in the following categories: paintings, fine art, and decorative arts. She made numerous visits to the museum to examine objects and review our in-depth records. She spent many more hours researching the collection back in her office. She often went above and beyond the call of duty. She took time to educate me about object in our collection with which I was not familiar. On many occasions, Ms. Winstead discovered and reconciled problems with the museum’s records. Her work has been invaluable in updating and improving our records.
     In addition, Ms. Winstead’s professionalism and good humor made her a pleasure to work with. The museum would be more than happy to work with her again.” – Frances R. Huber, Registrar, LSU Museum of Art